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A New Chapter Bookstore

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Three years and counting...

Girl Reading

When I look back on these past years, I can only say one thing: "But God!"

I was in a crisis of faith after having been so disillusioned at my JOB that I had reverted to an old friend-alcohol. My buddy, my pal, and my friend-750 ml of make it all go away. My prayers, I thought,
weren't being heard. My cries for help, I thought,
were not being heard.
So in my disparity,
I tried to meet my maker on two different occasions in the same week.

But God,
had a different plan.

He set me up…He always does you know! He has your mail. He’s got your number.
He hears your thoughts, He knows your heart, He has been where you have been, He is where you are now, and He is going where you are going-as long as you’re going with Him.

If you’re gonna walk on water-you gotta get out of the boat.
People who don’t get out of the boat are the norm. Water walkers are a rare breed.

carpe diem.jpg

They seize the opportunity to do something wild! Radical! Crazy-if you will! They are not OK with the status quo. The see the need, accept the challenge, and pray-like there is no tomorrow! Then, they listen. Sometimes to the still small voice, sometimes, to a song on the radio, sometimes to a billboard, and sometimes…to the invitation:
“So, Do you want to buy a bookstore?”

“But, Lord? I don’t know the first thing about running a bookstore-I’m a Dietetic Technician, and a Chef-I know food.”

“That’s ok, I’ll guide you.”

And guide, He has. From a simple little thing like a debt card app, to Bibles, to cards, to T-shirts and gifts for special occasions. And now, the move to a larger space to bring our community closer together.

I can hardly wait for the next chapter to unfold.
What about you?
Are you waiting expectantly?
Tell me about it.


Who Are We?

Our History

We started A New Chapter Bookstore in 2018, after purchasing an existing home-grown bookstore.
The Book Nook-an icon in Greenville, TX for 20 years, had been owned and operated by the same sweet couple all those years. With enthusiasm and spizzerinctum we dove head first into our life long love-books! Ever since our first day we’ve sought to bring the best selection of bound and print materials to our customers. Our desire is for our name to become synonymous with quality and affordability throughout the entire Hunt County Region and surrounding areas east of the Dallas Metro Complex stretching all the way to Texarkana. We do our best to ensure a variety of marvelous novels along with unique collectable items and stationary items to fit the most discerning budget.

What are we Going to do with 10,000 Sq Ft?

What our community needs!


Used Bookstore
and Book Recycling

Most Genre' of used bound printed material

Available everyday at 1/2 Off cover price

Trade Credit Acceptable

We offer 1/4 of the cover price in TradeCcredit
*trade credit applied to store account after 10 days of quarantine*


What Keeps Us Going?

Goods and Services


Action / Adventure Fiction

Military, Thriller & Espionage


Hours of Operation

A New Chapter Bookstore

Tues - Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 3pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed

Welcome 2021! and Hello toxic heat index of summer! Are you ready?.
We continue to serve you in whatever capacity your need is! Things are pretty normal around here, no masks, respective distancing, hugs available if needed.

We are open to full capacity.
Customers may still choose to purchase items from A New Chapter Bookstore
for pickup, delivery by mail, or delivery to the customer’s doorstep.

We want to thank our loyal customers for their continued support during 2020 and beyond!
We are just an email, phone call, or text message away!

Contact Us

Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for submitting!

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